What are some easy things I can do on a trip?


1. Which mode of transportation is greenest?

Consider which mode of transportation will help the wallet and the planet. Compared to flying, sometimes driving, taking the bus or riding the train can generate significant cost and carbon savings! Megabus and Amtrak both have stations in Durham and offer daily trips to many locations.

More information: Native Energy Travel Carbon Calculator

2. Before you leave, put your thermostat on energy saver mode and turn out the lights.

If you leave any lights on, go with LED bulbs to minimize electricity use. Light timers are good, too! If you're gone for an extended period of time, consider turning your water heater down or off, according to instructions.

This maximizes your fuel economy. Also, avoid rooftop carriers if you can. These increase wind resistance and lower your fuel efficiency.

4. Select hotels that put the planet first.

If you can’t find one of these, use the “do not disturb” hanger to postpone unnecessary room cleanings. Also, take and reuse any open soaps at your next stop!

5. Recycle along the way.

If you are unable to find recycling, bring a container for recyclables and drop them off at the nearest center along your route.

6. Pack a meal or snack from home with reusable containers and bottles.

It’s fun to eat out when you’re on the road, but this can also generate a lot of waste!

7. Go on a cruise, with control.

If you travel by car, use cruise control and drive a consistent speed. This can save gas and money, with up to 15 percent in greater fuel efficiency.