The Council hereby commits to proportionally upholding the commitment made by the United States in the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 26 and 28 percent by 2025 from 2005 levels.
— Chapel Hill Town Council

Why WE care

The human impact on the environment is evident in the increasingly unpredictable and destructive weather patterns that negatively affect our community. The goals of the Town include creating a vibrant and inclusive community while being conscious of environmental stewardship. In order to reach these goals the Town has to prepare the community for the future by creating resiliency and sustainability.


It’s where we protect and grow today’s opportunities for tomorrow’s generation.

It’s about being “future friendly.”

It means decision and actions that leave Chapel Hill better than we found it.

It’s about preparation so we can bounce back from sudden change.

We believe a sustainable and resilient Chapel Hill is the work of everyone who lives, works, visits, and goes to school here.

Let’s work together.
What’s one thing you can do?

What can I do?

How are we doing?

What’s the town doing?

How can I get involved?